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Game crashes regularly.

Aiming is practically impossible. It's "Home Run", folks, not "Homerun". Homerun Battle 2 starts out fun, but ultimately feels like bad sportsmanship Now that the World Series is over, we baseball fans need something to keep us occupied until Spring Training starts up again.

How to Play Homerun Battle 2 Single Player Arcade Mode

Essentially, Homerun Battle 2 is a batting simulator on your iOS device. A targeting reticule in the shape of a bat icon can be moved around the strike zone by tilting your device one way or another. When the ball is close, you tap the screen to swing.

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The end goal is to hit as many home runs as possible. Unfortunately, online gameplay is a double-edged sword. The multiplayer function contains three different modes: Duel, Survival, and Mission. Each consecutive home run causes a score multiplier. Survival, meanwhile, is the exact opposite.

Mission, however, is the most interesting, because it puts four players together and gives them a goal that everyone scrambles to meet like hitting a certain number of home runs without any strikes before anyone else can. Upgrades come in the form of outfits, accessories, and bats, all of which can boost your hitting power and accuracy.

Homerun Battle 2 Hack and Cheats

Enter the new Devil Stadium for a new challenge! Purchase new packages and stadiums at the Item Shop for more excitement! Homerun Battle 3D has returned with more excitement! Play Homerun Battle 2 on various devices to play with users all over the world!

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