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The Settings do give you plenty of options but sometimes can be confusing. If you're longing for the days of the mini-joystick without the physical joystick then you should pick up the MegaN64 emulator for Nintendo The speed of the MegaN64 emulator is its top feature but the controls are able to be customized and this is why I like it so much.

The problem with an N64 emulator on mobile would be the controls. MegaN64 gives you the option to use an octagonal control panel or the normal controls. It's compatible with both phones and tablets and a lot of emulators are not able to support tablets. This is helpful if you have a game with rich graphics and need to see more detail to play. RetroArch is an emulator for just about everything: Sega Master System, Saturn, Playstation, etc. RetroArch is clearly one of the most inclusive emulators on Android. I also has an option to improve and make smoother PSX graphics.

The link is down below. It would be nice if you reviewed it. It's paid, but works like a charm! How about "my boy! Samsung Unpacked. Reviews All.

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Close What is ID4me? Stay signed in. And what about emulators? What about downloading ROMs?

Download the Best Emulators for Android to enjoy classic console games on your android devices.

Nintendo states on its website: What are the best game emulators for Android? Best Atari emulator for Android: Hataroid Hataroid helps you go back truly old school when it comes to gaming on your Android smartphone. Remember Prince of Persia? Best Super Nintendo emulator for Android: Best Nintendo DS emulator for Android: NDS Boy! GO Boy! Never worry about dying in game with the rewind function.

Best PlayStation emulator for Android: MegaN64 If you're longing for the days of the mini-joystick without the physical joystick then you should pick up the MegaN64 emulator for Nintendo You can play MegaN64 for both smartphone and tablet. RetroArch RetroArch is an emulator for just about everything: Which are your favorites? Write new comment:. All changes will be saved.

15 Best Emulators for Android to enjoy Classic Retrogaming

No drafts are saved when editing. Submit Cancel. Turn your phone into a wireless gamepad and play your favorite multiplayer NES games with your friends. We support up to 4 players!

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Learn more: NES will find them. This is the lite version of Nostalgia. We do not want to disturb you during gameplay - no ads will be displayed when a game is running. Reviews Review Policy.

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  • Minor fixes. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. See more. Anyway, just like our phones age over years, so do classic games. In the meantime, some have aged so badly example: One more important feature of Android emulators is that controls can be a little difficult sometimes as the touchscreen mode disables you to prove your light-speed reflexes during action games so try to avoid these unless you have a Wiimote remote.

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    There are many things to discuss in detail here, and it would take me some time to go to the specifics to explain it all so it might be better simply to run through 10 best Android emulator apps on the market and discuss their advantages. Below are the best emulators for android to relieve your favorite gaming memories wherever you are most of these are free android emulator app.

    Download Along with good speed and clear sound, it gives you the most thrilling gaming experience. It works perfectly on any Android 3.

    15 Best Emulators for Android [free/paid] | GetAndroidstuff

    Probably the only bad thing though very annoying about the is that it often plays ads and it can really ruin your pleasure sometimes. This app is free of charge and disturbs you with no ads. It provides exceptional compatibility, very nice sound, and stable speed. Being one of the fastest and most compatible PS One emulators, it comes at high definition and sounds as on the original PSX device.

    The Best Android Emulators for Every Console

    AwePSX supports cheats and networked game playing, as well as the multiplayer option players. You can save and load game state easily. It requires Android4. It changed with the introduction of PPSSPP, which experienced many changes over time to be furnished and polished so as to become by far the best PSP option on the market.

    It allows you to play free homebrew games or transfer the saved ones from your PSP console.