Can you forward text messages on samsung galaxy s2

Text messages are fast and convenient, but their impermanence makes them inappropriate for business applications. Unlike email messages that sit in outboxes and trash folders, once a text message is deleted, the only way to get it back is to try to get a copy from your cell phone provider. This problem is very solvable on some phones, though.

The Samsung Exhibit 4G, for instance, lets you forward text or multimedia messages to your email inbox. Once you forward a message, it gets stored in your email system where you can save it, and get to it more easily. Touch the "Enter Recipient" field to select it.

How do I use text messages on my device?

Enter the email address to which you want to forward the text message. You install mysms on your phone and on your tablet there's a seperate tablet app for this and it immediately syncs your messages from your phone to your tablet. If you send a message from your tablet it will also be synced back to your phone. You get notifications for new messages and have a few settings to optimize them for your use. As far as I know there's no option for forwarding calls, but for texting it's just great!

Use Tablet Talk. I use this between my phone and tablet, and it works flawlessly. Auto syncs messages between the two, and forwards texts and calls to the tablet when connected. Has lots of settings to autoconnect, and suppress notifications on the phone when it pushes things to the tablet.

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I have it setup to connect whenever both my phone and tablet are connected to my home wifi network, or when the tablet is tethered to my phone. It even has a floating notification window that you can enable, so you can quickly reply to an incoming text, then get back to whatever you were doing on your tablet. Brilliant app, barely use my phone at all any more. It may not be easy to configure for the average user.

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Everyone can contribute. Works well, I've been using it for nearly a year now. It'll also forward your SMS to your email and you can reply via email just as if you were texting. Phone calls is a bit trickier without Google Voice. The best Android app solution in Canada now that GV has closed the area code hack is probably Bud Phone , which gives you free calling within and to most Canadian cities.

If memory serves, you can forward your phone to it or it to your regular phone. It's run by FreePhoneLine. Additionaly it is able to send and receive files to and from your Android device.

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There are many other features too. Now, when a text or any other notification comes in such as a Facebook message or what have you , the app gives a pop-up on the computer or tablet allowing you to respond to the message, dismiss the message, mute the app, etc. It doesn't sync your text message history onto each device, but it does allow you to receive messages on each device and respond to them.

Your cell phone, of course, has to be powered on, as the messages are still being sent and received via your phone and relayed to your other devices. If you are running a device any earlier than Android 4. Another feature of PushBullet is that you can send files, links, photos, etc. It's an easy way to transfer files.

MightyText works for me. Also does some other helpful things when my phone is out of reach. It gives you "text number" in the area code you want and you can text any number all for free and not just for "app to app" text only Did you find how to make and receive phone call on a tablet without a SIM card? You could get HeyWire on your tablet, its completely free texting, they have small adds in the bottom, but you will hardly ever notice em.

They give you a new HeyWire number though. You dont have to buy it or spend any money at all, you just have to download it and install.

It doesnt send your cellphones text messages to your tablet though. Ive been using it for months now. Its quick and very simple.. Just found this forum while searching Google. Downloaded mysms onto android phone and onto tablet, enabled tethering on the phone, connected the tablet to the phones Hotspot and it works like magic. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. How can I forward texts to my tablet and reply back? Ask Question. I have a tablet running Android 4. Sparx 10k 6 26 Canadian Luke Canadian Luke 3 10 No SIM card capabilities. In early development, there's also Phone Link If you're working on your tablet, I believe the simplest solution for voice calls is to have a bluetooth handsfree paired with your phone so you can make and receive calls. Sparx Sparx 10k 6 26