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Accepted Solutions. Doing these two steps resolved the issue for me. BandOfBrothers Superuser I. Are there any pending updates waiting for them? That or sometimes a soft reboot by turning the phone off and on can help. Reginard Navigator. Have you checked for any updates? I've tried re-installing the OneNote app but it hasn't changed the issue.

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Chewbacca Navigator. HI Bonavon I had the same issue with my S8, tried everything to try and resolve it, seems like we have to wait for Microsoft to send out an update for these apps. Hope this helps. Featured Video. Auch bei Fehlern im System kann diese Funktion hilfreich sein. Doch auch bei gebrickten Phones ist noch nicht alles verloren. Der Datentransfer funktioniert aber auch in die entgegengesetzte Richtung: Hier lautet der Befehl. Es gilt zu beachten, dass die Herstellergarantie auf das Smartphone mit dem Rooten formell erlischt. Android mit dem Recovery-Modus retten Die einzelnen Funktionen werden als einfache Textzeilen dargestellt.

Yes, brarcher.

Samsung Galaxy S9: Datensicherung und Wiederherstellung mit Smart Switch

I had the issue on stock Android 6. I had it on on the way home Bluetooth through car when I got interrupted by a call. I always have Bluetooth going through the car, but I very very rarely receive a call, so that's out of the ordinary. I don't know if it's related, but I thought I'd mention it just in case it is. I have Update Interval set to every 4 hours. I have Enqueue Downloaded enabled. I have 4 parallel downloads set up. I have Automatic Download enabled, and have it set to Download when not charging.

Galaxy S6 running Android 7. I am guessing it just got corrupted and that I should make it a point to regularly export an OPML file with my subscriptions. I am looking through the above comments which are actually helpful since I don't mind resubscribing but will need to look for the saved data manually wherever it is stored and it will probably take me a month to figure out everything I was subscribed too - maybe there is some limit on how much data the app can track? I just hit the issue again, but I'm not sure there was a subscription update going on.

I opened the app, and a podcast I had been listening to earlier only had a minute left when I had paused it. I have the 'delete if stopped with only a few minutes left' option turned on, fwiw. Anyway, I went to the queue and long pressed on a different episode and said 'remove from queue'. Nothing disappeared lock on sqlite database between the autodeleter and my action?

No idea! I then long pressed on a different podcast the one that only had a minute left and said 'remove from queue'. Then everything disappeared queue, subscriptions, etc. App version 1.

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I dont think feeds wee updating when everything crashed and deleted feeds, watched-status and so on. Files on phone are still there. Phone memory was somewhat close to full at the time but plenty for update operation. Just hit it again. I was partway through two podcasts. Podcast B I last listened to a couple hours ago when I paused it. Podcast A I last listened to a few days ago. I opened the app, which I think did a refresh operation.

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I hit podcast A while that was happening. It didn't play anything, just nothing. I hit podcast B. I hit the hamburger icon to open the menu and everything disappeared. Google Pixel, stock Android version 8. Opened a subscription to download further episodes, the list didn't load and suddenly everything was gone! Was anyone of you guys able to restore their previous data? I welcome even the whackiest solution! The only restoring which I attempted was importing a previously exported OPLM file which backs up all the podcast subscriptions.

Any previously downloaded podcasts might still be there, but they may not be usable by the app. After following this thread for a long time, I was now also exposed to this bug. It happened after switching my system language to one I hadn't used before. And the weird thing is: I'm on 1. Fairphone OS Fairphone 2. Steps to reproduce: Would love to use the app again, but with this bug it is unreliable and will get the 1 star review on playstore. Used it for 3 years now: Just happened to me this morning.

Around a hundred subscriptions I was using it as my RSS reader and YouTube subscriptions too which might have overloaded it, not sure. Lineage OS Samsung Galaxy S5 kltecan. Using internal storage, not an SD card. The CorruptedDatabase. I'm not able to access the crash logs Interestingly, it happened when I was searching and adding a new podcast.

I clicked subscribe, then open podcast, and downloaded an episode. I went to my queue and saw it was cleared. Then noticed everything else was gone. It's still a great app. Used it for years, keep up the great works guys! I'd be happy to send some bitcoin for a bug bounty program or similar to encourage work on this issue. Seems to be hitting a lot of people. Unfortunately, there isn't any good alternative to antennapod. This is a relatively long-standing and not very sexy problem to solve, and I personally have no know-how to solve it, but I'd really like to go back to antennapod for my podcasting needs.

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I know it's not a lot, and that the devs here are not in it for the money, but in any case, that's my proverbial coffee for your efforts. Maybe others want to chip in, too, to provide adequate caffeination. I'm sure I commented here to say I switched back to version 1. While not the best solution it is one way to continue using AntennaPod without fear of data loss.

Android: Update rückgängig machen - so klappt's

Someone could try doing a git-bisect from 1. A semi-reproducible method would be helpful for that, if anyone has one. It does seem the bug was added in somewhere in the 1. Why not? The developer doesn't seem to be much bothered with it and neither with implementing a very basic workaround such as an automatic backup so that it keeps happening but people stop suffering. I say it's time to look for alternatives as with today's this has been the fifth time this has happened to me in a completely unrecoverable fashion. This is simply outrageous!

This is a Major issue. I mean, it is as major as it gets before the app doesn't even play or download, and we don't see enough interest on his part to fix this or at least trying to ease our pain.

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  7. And I am truly very thankful to him , for his work and for sharing it with us but this stops right here. For me, this was the last time. There has to be an option and I will find it. And I will post it here. While it might not look like we are doing much, this is probably the most discussed issue between mfietz and me.

    The problem is that it's not as easy to solve as walking to the workbench and using a screwdriver ; The problem is that neither me or mfietz are affected by this issue. There is no way to debug if we can not reproduce this on our devices. I would have fixed this issue a long time ago if I knew what causes this issue. If you read the other comments, you'll see that there isn't a good way to reproduce this issue.

    This issue happened to me once, but I cannot say what caused it. This isn't a simple bug in the app no "drop whole database" , there is something wrong in Android the sqlite implementation it comes with, in particular. Nothing AP does should be able to corrupt the database!