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They need to see that it's worth the time and resource investment to build an app for what still remains a second-tier operating system that's behind Android and iOS. Microsoft, to its credit, has taken steps to encourage more developers to build for Windows Phone, and works with the top companies to get them to develop as well.

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It offers a lot of developer resources and has made improvements to the tools used to build apps for both Windows 8 on the desktop and Windows Phone. It needs to continue those efforts and even think of new ways to get more companies interested in developing their apps for Windows Phone.

If it continues down that path, that will ultimately entice more developers to build apps, leading to a robust catalog of apps that's on par with Google Play and the App Store. Understandably, Microsoft has a vested interest in getting you to use Outlook, OneDrive, Office, and Bing apps, but it needs to realize that no one wants to be stuck with only those choices.

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Gmail is especially important because it is the most-used email service in the world, a title it took from Microsoft's Hotmail which now goes by the name Outlook in Even Apple understood the value of having Google on its operating system well before that shift, when it approved the Gmail app for the iOS App Store in As it stands now, you can add a Google or Yahoo account to your Windows Phone device in settings, but your emails, contacts, and calendar events will show up in the respective stock apps from Microsoft.

This means you miss out on some key features of each service. For example, you cannot mark your Gmail messages as spam in Outlook. A full-fledged Gmail app, built by Google, would change that and give users the same experience they're used to from the Web. Windows Phone 8. Feature for feature , it can almost match iOS and Android, but right now the biggest challenge holding it back is its lackluster app store. Despite Microsoft's efforts over the last year to get more top titles into the store, there's still work to be done before Windows Phone gets the same quality apps as iOS and Android.

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So, Microsoft and Windows Phone developers, it's time to roll up your sleeves. How to watch the Galaxy S10 launch: Samsung is expected to unveil several Galaxy models Feb. But if your favorites list or the ability to refresh a web page is more important to you, by all means go that route. And fear not: If your phone is your primary camera, then you can make life easier by automatically uploading the shots and movies you take to an Internet-based storage locker like Microsoft SkyDrive.

SkyDrive and similar services make sharing easier and provide fast access to your pics from PCs or tablets. I use the auto-upload feature as a safety net in case I ever lose my phone. If you use Dropbox or some other cloud service, tap Apps to look for an app that supports it.

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Skip to Content Skip to Footer. Can you read me now? Switch up your lock screen icons Windows Phone 8 gives you much more control over the lock screen that its predecessor. Not into showy signatures? Go minimal and turn it off. Move the mouse cursor and type on the virtual keyboard in real time. Works with multiple monitors. Enjoy remote access to your media library including artist, album, composer and playlist search. System remote A universal PC remote control with keyboard, mouse, zoom, windows shortcut keys, remote volume and file browser remotes.

Quickly switch between slides, control the mouse, read notes and switch to a black or white screen when required. System Power Quick access to remote power commands including shutdown, sleep, hibernate, restart and lock. Also monitor your computers power consumption with a battery meter. Visual indication of whether your computer is running off mains power, battery or UPS.

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  5. Turn your computers monitor on or off remotely. More are added all the time so check the remote store in the server application. Custom Remote Controls Build your own custom remote controls using the remote profile designer in the Vectir server software. Custom remote profiles can be built for controlling virtually any application installed on your PC. Included Remote Controls: Polish translation included Remote profile rendering bug fixes Updates for compatibility with server 4.

    All time favourite from java to Symbian to windows phone Its one of the best app for remote view and control I've tried several PC remote apps but got nowhere with them. This one works perfectly. No problems really at this point, just a minor glitch here and there but this works well enough I'm willing to overlook them and will be buying the unlocked version shortly.

    Holy Moly! This app is so useful and simple! Many thanks for make him.

    Windows Phone 8.1 Bluetooth LED Stripe Control App

    Soon I will buy the full version. Setup is a bit difficult and some things such as VLC won't work until it is set up properly press the question mark if a screen doesn't work - the help is actually concise and helpful , but once it is set up, this is the perfect remote control for a PC that's connected to a 55'' screen as a TV replacement. Best of all you can try before you buy so just see for yourself if the setup works for you. Lumia Hi could you guys please make this app for ir blaster?

    I would love to use it directly for my Samsung ativ se.